Stevia for Baking

Hello from another Moab local!

A friend of mine here in town recommended your blog to me since I on a strick gluten free, sugar free, vegetarian diet due to health reasons, and you have a lot of good recipies for that kind of thing. Thanks for sharing them! As part of my diet I’ve also cut out more natural forms of sugar, like honey, syrups, and really sweet fruits like bananas (so sad). I have a friend’s birthday coming up and I want to bake her some cookies that I can eat too. I was wondering if you have ever tried to use Stevia as a sugar replacement in your baking? I’ve heard mixed reviews and was wondering if you’ve ever had any luck with it.

Thanks for any advice you might have! Hope you’re enjoy the sunshine! (finally!)


Hi Kristina,
So glad we’re out of the arctic freeze….now to the mud pits 🙂
I have tried stevia, but honestly I really dislike the flavor of it. I find it has a very particular taste that reminds me of the funny flavor of artificial sweeteners. You might consider using apple sauce as a sweetener (if you can eat that). And of course raisins, but I’m guessing those might be out too. Almonds are also pretty sweet in their own way–I’m wondering if you could try some modification of my Almond Star cookie recipe, which I really really like.

Have you ever tried mochi? They used to sell it in the cold section at the Moonflower Market (and they may still, I haven’t looked for it recently), and it is made of brown rice only. When you bake it, it puffs up and is very sweet. You could fill the little puffs with something, or just eat them plain–the ones for your friend could have something inside and you could just eat them without.
Good luck 🙂

  • DesertLily

    Dried medjool dates are also a good way to sweeten. 🙂

  • Freya

    Coconut Palm Sugar!!! Kinda carmel-ly, low glycemic, extremely delicious. Use just like regular sugar 🙂

  • I just made some coconut cookies yesterday. I used sweet potatoes mixed into the cookie dough as a sweetener and they came out great. Stevia just makes me want sugar, but sweet potatoes seem to curb it.

    dates are also good, but I don’t want to stop eating when I have dates.

  • yes, i love those too 🙂 thanks!

  • good suggestion, thanks!

  • would love to see your recipe for the cookies!

  • It was a trial run, I didn’t write anything down. I’ll make them again soon and send you a recipe.

  • Stevia sweetener

    Small bits of content which are explained in details, helps me understand about it, thank you!

  • great 🙂

  • Some excellent suggestions about alternatives at the end of this article: It’s best to do a lot of research on any sweetener – they are often not what they seem (for example, and comments are worth reading too).


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