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Learning to fly

A Memoir of Hanging On and Letting Go

World-class free climber Steph Davis delivers a thrilling and infectiously interesting (San Francisco Book Review) memoir about rediscovering herself through love, loss, and the joy of letting go. The paperback includes a new epilogue in which Davis shares how her husband's tragic accident has affected her relationship to climbing and flying.

“In re-issuing the 2013 book this winter, Davis has added a new chapter, which addresses the loss of her second husband Mario Richard. Learning to Fly is as much a deft exploration of loss, grief and resilience as it is of BASE jumping.”

-The Guardian

“What puts this book out front in the adventure category is that Davis doesn’t bog it down with clunky “climbing as journey” metaphors – but they’re in there, anyway. She just sort of lets her story shake it all loose, slowly revealing bits of herself – sometimes she figures stuff out, sometimes she makes mistakes, but her hope is that only she gets hurt in the process.”

-The Denver Post

“Learning to Fly provokes some powerful questions. How do we use risk? And what does it mean to risk the unique gift of life? How do we choose our lives? Our partners? Or do we choose? Steph Davis thoughtfully follows her instincts, and her book will surely inspire others to do the same, as she helps us think about risk, resilience, and getting a grip in tight places.”

-Story Circle Book Reviews

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Steph Davis can make an audience laugh, gasp, and cry, all within the space of fifteen minutes. On stage, her personal experience of adventure, heartbreak and recovery becomes an inspiring meditation on risk, resilience and personal freedom. She helps people embrace their lives more fully. Everyone on our staff raved about her presentation: it was one of the most moving of the evening. Our audience loved her!

- Anne Strainchamps, host of Public Radio International’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge”



Steph’s authentic personality and plainspoken style captivates adventurers and desk jockeys alike through seemingly supernatural adventures and incredible achievements–the joys, sorrows and bold rewards of a fulfilling life embracing opportunity and risk. She’ll give you the sense that great things truly are attainable and worth every moment of the pursuit.

- JJ Acker, Utah Certified Public Managers, Utah Department of Human Resource Management



Steph’s ability to relate and connect with the audience was amazing. Her interaction during the meeting as well as at the evening event were more than we could have asked for. Her story and message clearly hit the mark and everyone is still talking about the meeting and her presentation.

- Scott Ottman, Executive Director, Lenovo Inside Sales



Dig Deeper was the theme of the conference for a group of emergency physicians. Steph redefines this concept,understanding that where we are and what we are doing today can be done better; that focus and determination get us where we want to be; understanding that there are times where there is no room for error. These attributes describe Steph’s dynamic life. With calm and grace she delivered the message we can try harder, we can dig deeper to our captive audience. Steph reminded us all that we are all capable of so much more than we ever imagined.

- David Schillinger, President/CMO, Hospital Physician Partners



Steph Davis is quite simply one of the most impressive people I have ever met. Her story is compelling, enthralling, powerful, and relevant. Simply put, Steph delivered excellent results. The theme of our conference was Raising Your Game and Steph knocked it out of the park. I would highly recommend Steph Davis for any organization or company wishing to motivate an audience to raise their game. She ties the practicality of her sport directly to the message of her audience and is so likeable and approachable, you regret when the event is over. She was on time, professional, and courteous and gave freely of her time to the audience.

- Al Emerick, VP of Mktg & Comm., Hospital Physician Partners



Your presentation was amazing. Everyone connected with you and your message and walked away awed and inspired by your confidence, commitment, focus and passion for what you do. It was a pleasure working with you to prepare for the event. I was impressed with how quickly you understood what we were looking for and were able to translate that into your presentation. It was spot-on with the 1st draft! ! I’m back in the office today and people are still commenting on how much they liked it and you. I really enjoyed getting to know you and working with you on our meeting.

- Ellen Palumbo, Lenovo North America Sales Enablement



“I have attended many events and listened to countless speakers over my 40 year career in sales at IBM and Lenovo. Steph Davis is by far the best speaker I have ever experienced. She exemplifies confidence, commitment, preparation and innovation. All key attributes of a successful sales person. She will have your team on the edge of their chairs.”

- Thomas Looney, VP & GM Lenovo North America