Nutpods Creamer

If you’re vegan and a coffee or Earl Grey or chai drinker, you know the struggle to find a nondairy cream option. There basically isn’t one, or wasn’t until now! I’ve never liked black coffee as much as nice strong coffee with a little bit of cream in it, so half and half was actually the only thing that I truly missed when I went vegan. Nut milks just don’t do it in coffee–the only thing I ever found to be semi-ok is powdered soymilk, but it’s pretty meh. There are several nondairy cream products available now at my local grocery store, and they infuriate me because they always have sugar added, which for me ruins the coffee or tea.

So, imagine my sheer joy when I tried Nutpods! It’s made simply of coconut cream and almonds, no sugar added, and has the perfect creamy texture and taste. It tastes exactly like it should, which seems simple, but clearly isn’t based on the other nondairy products out there….

Nutpods was started by a mom and athlete who was having the same problem and performed some alchemy in her kitchen with coconuts and almonds! Madeline launched a kickstarter campaign to get it into production, and now everyone can get Nutpods, which is awesome.

The only problem at my house now is that coffee consumption has skyrocketed because coffee is finally amazing again 🙂

2 responses to “Nutpods Creamer”

  1. Roger Zuniga says:

    Steph! you just changed my life! I have been looking for a way to give up milk and coffee was the last hold-out, I am just finishing my first cup with Nutpods and it’s the first time ever I can live with it and it actually tastes yummy! thank you!!!!!


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