Hello From Colombia

Hi Steph, I write from Colombia South America, I have 18 years and I am vegetarian. I have long wanted to learn to climb, a few months ago I first went to a climbing gym and was certainly a great experience wrote on twitter and you answered me take it as a beautiful sign (Thanks =]).
from very small I love reading books Mountaineering climbing, adventure, and has always been present in my life that spirit of climbing.
Now I decided to bring my dream into action, I feel a little nervous because I hope to start on Tuesday, I can’t asit every day, by the university, but decided that Tuesdays always try to go to the gym for a while.
I don’t Know if a good idea to enroll in a course of basic climbing or gym and discovering for myself and go slowly gaining experience without the course?

I’m a little bit shy, In my mind, I wonder how will the world of climbing?. My family thinks it’s very difficult to climb being vegetarian. You always put as an example =]
I want to ask you some questions. The main advice would you give someone who just goes begin climbing.
What exercises would you recommend as it can not be every day climbing to get a little strength
That vegetarians tips in terms that can help build for climbing.

Thanks for being a great inspiration. and sorry for so many questions.

Hi Lizbeth,
I think that you can start going to the gym regularly, and you will be able to get started with climbing. Taking a course is always a good option too, and can give you a headstart–ideally, you could do both.
I don’t agree with your family about being vegetarian not being good for climbing. However, I think that eating carefully and healthfully is the best approach for everyone, vegetarian or not. Cutting out refined sugar is one of the single best things you can do for your performance, in my opinion. Also, thinking of food in terms of what it gives you (i.e., protein, carbohydrates, natural sugars) will affect your food choices.
When you go climbing, focus on your breathing and movement at first. Climb the easiest possible routes to start. Then step it up, and gradually choose harder climbs. This will get you to warm up very thoroughly, which is really important when first starting to climb, and will also remind you to enjoy the flow. You can finish your climbing day by trying hard on routes you will fall off of over and over, and this will keep you motivated to rest and come back for those routes the next time.

  • Lizeth

    Gracias for your advice, I’ll have them into account I also disagree
    maybe that stereotype they say so from small not as much vegetables (yes a strange case, vegetarian , who showed no to eat vegetables from small = not much like vegetables) but since I have much love and I am eating. Yes as you say the balance is required in this process and focus on new habits to improve I had a bit of problem with the force in the hands

    I love your advice, Muchas Gracias and enjoy it =]

  • Best of luck !


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