Sprinter Van 144 vs 170 Length

I am wondering if your sprinter van is a 144 or a 170 length model. I am at the beginning of my dream phase process thinking about buildouts and what I like and don't like.

Sprinter Van Heater and Stove

This is a van question:) we are building out a 170 sprinter and are trying to decide between propane stove vs the stove/heater you have that connects to the diesel tank. So far how is your stove heater working? Any major drawbacks?

Gypsy Life

We'd like to applaud your research and final fitting out of your new van. We lived in our old VW van (no pop up) for six months, a sea going 32' sailboat for 3 years, and we somehow ended up living in a 29' Alpenlite for 22 years.

Honda Fit and Off Roading

Hi Steph! First I wanted to say I have been thoroughly enjoying your van life posts! I was wondering though, I saw you used to have a Honda Fit. When you were living out of your Fit, were you able to get to all the locations you wanted?


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