Gypsy Life

We'd like to applaud your research and final fitting out of your new van. We lived in our old VW van (no pop up) for six months, a sea going 32' sailboat for 3 years, and we somehow ended up living in a 29' Alpenlite for 22 years.

Honda Fit and Off Roading

Hi Steph! First I wanted to say I have been thoroughly enjoying your van life posts! I was wondering though, I saw you used to have a Honda Fit. When you were living out of your Fit, were you able to get to all the locations you wanted?

9 Kids in a Motorhome

hi Steph, just read your VAN Story--- what a hoot! Anyway, I thought you might get a giggle out of this biography. Raising nine kids simultaneously in a 24' motor home! But they surfed every day and never were housebroken into proper consumers.

Sprinter Questions

Hey fellow vaner, I just saw your post about installing the goal zero panel and yeti. I bought the same setup, curious if you used a fitting to run the two wires off the solar panel through, and what you used to coat and cover the opening. Is that just black silicone??


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