AMA: Would You Trade Your Dirtbag Days?

Hi Steph, I wanted to say hi and I have about a billion questions. I just got into climbing a few months ago (still around 5.9 or a V2-3 level) and I'm considering living the van life for a few months.

Sprinter Dreams

Hi Steph, It was always a dream of mine to purchase and complete a build out of my own Sprinter and I made that happen this past summer/fall. I purchased an old construction van at the end of July and between work trips (I work out of town allot in the summer), I managed to do the build out in August and part of September (just in time for the good temps).

Sprinter Van Wallas Heater/Stove Combo

Hey, so the Wallas cooktop/heater combo, do you like it? Would it work well for say a trip to Colorado in the winter to keep me warm in a well-insulated Sprinter van? Cheers! Jaques

Sprinter Van Training Systems

Hey Steph, My partner and I are hitting the road in our sprinter in about a month and I'm thinking of how to to adapt my training (basically a pull up bar and hangboard to the van). I haven't really come up with any great ideas and thought you'd have some good advice.


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