Synthetic Sleeping Bags


I would like to get your advice on sleeping bags! I am in the market for a new zero degree bag and do not want to purchase a down one for ethical reasons.

Sprinter Van Buildout: Van Living 4


Whether you have a van, want a van or just like thinking about vans and small living spaces, there's nothing more awesome than getting tours of other people's buildouts or spending hours on the internet checking out pictures of other people's buildouts :) There are endless possibilities...

Signed Copy of Learning to Fly


People have been emailing me to ask how they can get a copy of the new Learning to Fly sent outside of the US, or an autographed copy, so I added it as an option to my online store--I'm able to order books direct from Simon and Schuster, so it's pretty easy for me to sign and mail them out.

The Buildout Priority List: Van Living 3

yoga and van

So the first crux of van living is getting the van. And then you have a big metal box that can be transformed into a little home on wheels, which brings us to the second crux. What do you want in there?

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