Thanks For the Smile :)

Not sure you'll like this one, but I saved one copy of your book from oblivion and pulping at a dollar store here in Metro Detroit. Honestly, was tired and fed up, had to bury a cat, Mom had been gone for months in various medical facilities, and I figured it was a bunch of hippie bullshit. Some ways, it was. Bought it anyhow. Stubborn like that.

Hello, From Germany

My name is Anke and I am 43 and from Hamburg in Northern Germany. My passions are running & writing & dogs (and all other furry creatures on this planet) & being in the outdoors and livin` the simple life, too.

Training for Alpine Objectives

Hey Steph, I have aspirations to head into the greater ranges to test my mettle and achieve some alpine goals. I don't have many alpine routes on my resume and I struggle to keep up in deep snow or on steep slopes, particularly with male partners. My question for you is how you have prepared for alpine objectives like in Patagonia or the Karakoram? Do you follow a training regimen and how do you b

Plant Based Protein

Hi Steph, I am an amateur climber transitioning into vegetarianism. I am doing good so far, except for the protein intake. I should be taking approx 70 grs of protein daily, any advice on a good dense source of veggie protein?


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