Fear and Injury


I have a question around fear and injuries. Nine months ago I broke my left fibula just below my knee, whilst falling off an indoor bouldering route. It put me out for about 5 months. I don't know how to get around it and to stop the fear from advancing in my training.

Multi Sport Challenges

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For me, I only had one love and that was rock climbing. Life was easy. And now a few years later I found air sports. I am quickly falling in love with flying (read; falling) as well. Now I feel my attention and passion is being jockeyed for between the two sports. How did you deal with this?

Gypsy Life


We'd like to applaud your research and final fitting out of your new van. We lived in our old VW van (no pop up) for six months, a sea going 32' sailboat for 3 years, and we somehow ended up living in a 29' Alpenlite for 22 years.

Hello From the Air

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My long-time partner went off in a new direction, my beloved dog moved on to Rainbow Bridge and my health has been questionable. I've truly felt lost, somewhat like the captain of a ship at the helm on a voyage to nowhere. Learning To Fly has again shown me optimism, and how can I thank you enough for the effort you put into your book?


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