Veganism and Pets

cajun and mao

My husband and I are adjusting to our recent decision to live a vegan lifestyle wholeheartedly! We have a sweet little pup, Sonny and we'd like to switch him to a plant based diet as well. Just curious, what do you feed Cajun?

Dirtbag Financial Plan

steph meadow truck

I just read your blog post "Dirtbag Economics" and I wanted to learn more about your financial plan. I'm a grad student, 24 years old, living in a big city and working a soul-crushing office job that I want to quit almost every day. I was wondering, did you save anything for the long-term while you were on the road?

Mileage versus Power Training

Steph 4

I have a quick question: How do you balance, and/or what do you give priority to: getting mileage (i.e. long multi-pitches on manageable grades) OR, focusing on harder projects (climbs at or above your ability). And what is your projecting algorithm?

Accidents in Wingsuit Base Jumping

steph ian wyoming

I'm from Louisiana where we hunt and fish,not any mountains or cliffs around. There's been quite a few wing suit deaths over the past few years. I was surprised that many were very experienced and world class. Do you have any thoughts on what can go wrong on these flights?

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