Vegan Energy Bars

Hi Steph,

I’ve been following your blog for well over a year now, and really enjoy your readers’ questions and your thoughtful answers. Living in California I have access to some pretty amazing climbing. But a spring-time trip to the Moab area won me over, so now I’m constantly dreaming of when I’ll find my way back to the desert cracks I love so much!

If you haven’t seen the No Meat Athlete blog before, it seems a natural for you given the author is a vegan athlete too. This particular post made me think I should pass it your way. I made a version for Half-Dome in a day (my first big wall!) this fall, and it made my stomach much happier to have something else to eat besides bars. I thought you might want to pass it on to your readers too if you find you like them!

Thanks for consistently posting inspiring stories and advice – keep it coming.


Garden Eats

Thanks Charity! Yes, I love Matt Frazier’s blog (he tweets too, and has great recipes and information for vegan athletes–way to represent, Matt!!), and I checked out this recipe. I really like it! Thanks for passing it alone….I bet your homemade bars made Half Dome much more delicious :)

  • Scott Strong

    My buddy Caleb and his brother-in-law make vegan energy bars.† Check them out!† They’re all really really tasty.

  • steph davis


  • CalebSimpson

    Thanks for the plug Scott! :)

  • CalebSimpson

    Just realized this post was old, but it sent a lot of traffic to our site recently.

  • steph davis

    :) !

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