The B Choice

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Mary J. Blige Growing Pains
“Work That”
Dear Steph,
it was many years ago, I had in my hand a copy of Climbing or Rock&Ice…. I was a student and of course a climber too… I saw this advertising about Choices:
“Steph Davis, accepted at law school ” etc…
I made a copy and I put it as a poster in my room… but I did not had the courage to fully follow that dream… and today I am nearby to come to meet you in Milan… and see that you made it! The B) choice!
Happy for you, really!!
I am still climber now, not so strong, I work in an office in Milan, I have a fantastic family.. but still that advertising is in what it used to be my room at my parent’s home… and still now, when I see it.. many thought come to my mind…
Perhaps I will bring it with me to show it to you… are you going to sign it!!?
I look forward to meeting you.
Thanks and… keep choiceing B)!

Ciao Sergio!
It’s funny, everyone at Five Ten always loved that ad. I remember it was about ten years ago, and they called me up to ask me to come to LA to do it. I was starting up the Zodiac with my friends Kim Czismasia and Elaine Lee. So we fixed some lines, I flew to LA and laid around on the floor with some rock shoes on, and then flew back to Yosemite and made it up the lines in time to start the route with Kim and Elaine. It definitely makes me smile to see it now.

It’s also amazing to look back…I’ve been climbing for eighteen years, and have been with Five Ten for about fourteen. Five Ten was my first sponsor! They have always supported me, with climbing shoes of course, but even more, as a person and an athlete. My choices in life have always been the most adventurous, and the least conventional. Five Ten has stood behind them all completely, even up to now when I have become a BASE jumper, styling me out with a red 5.10 parachute! It’s pretty amazing to receive that level of support from anyone. I think it’s great that this ad touched your imagination so much.

And yes, I am coming to Italy! I will be in Lecco, hosted by Gamma and Versante Sud (the publishers of the Italian translation of High Infatuation–Tra Vento E Vertigine) for the Lecco Film Festival on January 29. Then I will be doing another show in Milan on January 30–and I get one extra day to explore around Milan before I go back home. I can’t wait to drink some good Italian wine 🙂
And I hope to meet you there!
xx Steph


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