Sprinter Dreams

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the inspiration over the years.

Most recently, you inspired me in a huge way with all of your posts on your Sprinter van last year. It was always a dream of mine to purchase and complete a build out of my own Sprinter and I made that happen this past summer/fall. I purchased an old construction van at the end of July and between work trips (I work out of town allot in the summer), I managed to do the build out in August and part of September (just in time for the good temps). It was a super rad experience and you played a big role in making that happen. I re-read your blog posts and poured over your pictures numerous times feeding the fire and passion.

I ended up using quite a few ideas from your layout and could not be more happy with how it turned out! There are a few pictures on my instagram if you are interested. It’s basically all finished, with only some minor tweaking to do now.

Thanks again and keep up all the inspirational work you do.

Hi Ryan, the van looks great! I hope it’s been running well and making your trips even better than ever (I know mine has….!)
🙂 Steph

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