Salathe Wall

Hey Steph,
I climbed the Salathe Wall with two buddies in September. We had a great time, aid climbed everything we possibly could – but still got totally “captained”. It was my first big wall, my two buddies had done the Nose the year before. The whole time we were baffled and inspired by your effort (as well as the others who have done it – but one of the other guys had recently read your book so your name came up most) to free climb that thing! I vowed to email you when we got done to express our admiration, but it got away from me until now.

I have referred to your blog many times as I attempt to move solidly into intermediate rock climber status, and always appreciate what I read.

Thanks for being an inspiration, and so helpful to the other climbers out there!

Salathe Wall free from steph davis on Vimeo.

Thanks Simon! The Salathe is one of the most awesome and inspiring routes I ever had the privilege to climb. It’s kind of hard to understand how big and how exposed it really is up there, until you’re there yourself…it’s hard core just being up there. It sounds like you guys had an awesome adventure too! It was nice of you to think of me and to write 🙂

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  1. Ursula Schießel says:

    Wow that looks really amazing. Great job! If you love climbing I recommend you to go to Ecuador. I’m currently there and it is the adventure of my life! The mountains here are perfect for climbing, you can even reach the summits of 6000mts high volcanoes if you’re motivated 🙂 My next step is the Cayambe volcano (5790mts) together with the tour operator Gulliver Expeditions, check them out, their tours are amazing.


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