Ruffwear Quinzee Jacket

My name is Cajun. I am 3. People ask my mom what kind of dog I am. She says I am a rez dog because that’s where they found me. She says I am a border collie/heeler/australian shepherd/wild jackal. Actually, I am a Good Dog. I like to run ALL THE TIME. If I have to stop, like waiting for my mom, I get cold.
cajun jacket
I have a little dog coat. When my mom first puts it on me, I am mysteriously paralyzed and can’t move until she throws a ball. Then I forget I have it except I am not cold when I have to wait. Sometimes I have to wait under cliffs and towers and I wear my jacket. I wear it when we go skiing. First we got a medium, but it was too big, so then we got a small one. I have a fleece jacket too and it’s size medium: my mom says I’m that awkward in between size. My mom says I do not need one more possession. I need more balls. My mom says my jacket is cute and it does not get wet in the snow and it makes her happy because I am warm. Other people say it’s cute. I weigh 43 pounds, and I have very long legs because I am FAST.

  • Carol Fittell

    I like Cajun’s writing style. What a smart, good dog!

  • Kevin

    Rez dogs = best dogs. All the adopted Rez dogs I’ve ever met have had great personality and intelligence! Here in Flagstaff some people say you aren’t a real local until you have a rez dog.

  • Megan

    Great review, Cajun! Now I know just the size of jacket to get my pup, Denver!

  • she will definitely write some more posts in the future 🙂

  • they are wonderful dogs 🙂

  • glad it was a helpful review!


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