Best Rope for a Month in the Desert

Steph, my name is Dan, and I'm a big fan of your climbing and writing. I'm currently planning a trip from my home state of Michigan to Utah for about a month starting in May. I was wondering if you had any recommendations as to what sort of rope would serve me the best for a month in the desert.

Probiotics and Supplements

Steph, I dig the blog and the vegan-way. I do wonder if you take a multi-vitamin (brand/formulation) and how often you take it. And do you consistently (daily) take a probiotic? Does your body depend on grains, or can you personally forgo all grains?

AFF Fears and Doubts

Hello Steph, My name is Joana and I am from Barcelona, I have been climbing for more than 10 years, and I have been really inspired by your writings, but this last one has carried me to try skydiving for first time in my life...

Sprinter Van Training Systems

Hey Steph, My partner and I are hitting the road in our sprinter in about a month and I'm thinking of how to to adapt my training (basically a pull up bar and hangboard to the van). I haven't really come up with any great ideas and thought you'd have some good advice.


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