Forgotten Lines: Video

I’m excited to announce the release of a new video that I shot with Three Strings Productions and Mario. It’s about climbing the classic Steve Hong route, “Glad to be Trad” in Mineral Canyon. This is the route that is on the front of this month’s issue of Climbing Magazine–it was so beautiful, we went back and took photos with Chris Noble.

Forgotten Lines from 3 Strings on Vimeo.

Hope you like it!

  • rocknsnow

    just curious about the tick marks? were they already there? does not seem so adventury with them there!

  • what an intriguing idea! I found Glad to be a Trad extremely adventurous. I suspect it hasn’t been climbed since the first ascent was made. I needed to clean it twice: first, top to bottom, because it was full of sand and silt, and then to wash off the few tick marks I made on the upper headwall. I don’t know anyone else who washes their ticks and chalk from cracks, but I like to leave them tidy. You should go check it out!

  • rocknsnow

    No way that is way to hard for me! Great to hear that you clean them off. I wish others that do that would. I seem to see them now way to often on the moderate routes that I can do. At first it was just sports routes but now they are creeping on to trad to. For me they are ugly and distracting to come across and they take away from the beauty and adventure which is why I love to climb. Curious too how one can claim an onsite these days when all the holds are indicated? Great job on the route though – and cleaning it up! 🙂

  • thanks! And glad you like the video 🙂

  • truebuilder

    Please don’t deny a “vDownload” option on your videos (yeah, I know, this isn’t a “Steph Davis” branded one, you might not have had editorial control). I’m fairly sure that I could defeat same, but have enormous respect and admiration for what you and Mario are doing, and so I _won’t_. Speaking of, he has six so denied; four are so-so for me, but I love “Imaginary Canyon Flying” and “Eurorado”, and only watch them, frequently, when connected to the web (if you think a Windows box is safe on the web, I may have a bridge for you — when I get to Moab, you two are welcome to enjoy a personalized crash course in defensive Linux). And why does this matter? My offline copies from yourself and Mario are treasured ~art, fantastical flight by proxy, and an introduction to some most interesting music; I can watch them at my convenience, and they can take me where it’s probably no longer possible, by several decades, for me to go (and it wasn’t possible then anyway because the technology didn’t yet exist). Thanks for reading, for considering. Be safe, mostly (“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for”, Grace Hopper _et al_).

  • I’m glad you love the videos!! Forgotten Lines is from 3 Strings Productions. I think I make my own downloadable, but I have to admit I’m not the most tech savvy person out there 😉 I know that all of them can be embedded anywhere. I hope you keep enjoying!!

  • Guest
  • Rad climb, rad video, and most of all, rad climber. You seem so composed and graceful on the climb, despite its burly grade.

  • thank you, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  • Rohit D

    Another great video. This is truly one of the most daring things I have seen. How can you keep fear out of the equation? skill and fitness I can get but not getting scared. Awesome. Rohit D from India

  • thanks! That is the constant struggle: the battle with fear. Being strong and fit definitely helps with confidence, for me.


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