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Hi Steph! I bet you have a pretty tight schedule, but I’ll be traveling down to Utah with a friend and her dog in the beginning of September, and was wondering if you had some suggestions of where to definitely go during our time there. The most beautiful walks/hikes that are dog friendly. I’ve been trying to do some research but I find asking someone from there with similar interests is the best way to go!

Hi Marilia,
I love that you sent me this question because my thoughts about dog friendly hikes immediately went to weather and conditions at that time of year…and it reminded me of how lucky Cajun and I are to live in a place where “dog friendly” isn’t a synonym for “places humans are so generous as to let dogs touch the ground.” Editorial note: dog paws are significantly less impactful than human feet. And, wrapping dog poop in plastic and then leaving it by the side of a trail or throwing it into a dumpster en route to a landfill magically takes a biodegradable substance and makes it non-biodegradable. OK, enough editorializing, I’m getting myself all worked up here and I don’t need to, because I live in Moab!

I also love that you sent me this question so I can post lots of dog pictures 😀 Every hike in Moab is dog friendly in terms of dogs generously being “allowed” to exist, so it’s really about picking the right walks for the season.
cajun water hole
In early September, it’s usually still pretty warm, so you’ll have to be careful with heat and water. If you’re lucky enough to get a big rain, there will be lots of potholes full of water around and any creeks will be full, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve seen dogs who aren’t from the desert not understanding that they have to seek shade and drink, and then get heat exhaustion when no one was expecting it, so try to really pay attention and make sure her dog isn’t getting too hot or dry. A nice short hike that follows water is Grandstaff Canyon, just off River Road (the trailhead is a parking area with a bathroom, right next to the end of the Porcupine Rim trail). There are also campsites across the street, along the river. Just be on the look out for poison ivy, because it likes water too and there is a fair bit around the trail (you can easily avoid it, but you have to pay attention.)

I like the Porcupine Rim trail also, going up from River Road (you can take a look at that when you go to Grandstaff Canyon).
stormy cajun
If it’s not too hot or if it’s somehow cloudy, you’ll like the Corona Arch hike. It’s another short one, it does tend to be sunny and doesn’t have any water, but you get a good arch at the end.
Also, the trail up to the top of the Tombstones in Kane Creek is really nice.
Another favorite in Kane Creek is the Jackson Loop, which you can do as an out/back or a big loop into Amasa Back.
cajun titan
The Fisher Towers trail is definitely one to do, hiking out to the Titan and back.
cajun in lasals
Another great thing you can do is get up in the Lasals, and then heat won’t be an issue because the temperatures are much lower, and you can do some peak bagging. Gold Knob has a great trail and an amazing view into Castle Valley. Of the higher peaks, the shortest, easiest one is Haystack, and it’s really nice. Mount Peale is longer, and also really nice, and Tuk and Little Tuk are longer still and really beautiful. These hikes are pretty rugged, they start on faint trails and then turn into steep, shifty talus up to the summits, but they are great adventure and perfect for dogs who are comfortable in more mountainous environments.

A great trail in the Lasals is the Oowah Lake trail–it starts at Oowah Lake, goes around the right side of it, and then goes up to Boran Mesa and joins up to Geyser Pass road. This is one of my all time favorite running trails, and would also be a great hike.
cajun cuddle variant
Hope you creatures have a great time, and don’t forget the water and dog treats!

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  1. Abbi Hearne says:

    I am saving this for when we move to Moab in October! We were there for a few days in July and all we could do with our pup was hike in the water at Mill Creek and play at Ken’s Lake! And skydive, of course 🙂 He is a great drop zone pup.


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