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Hey Steph,

How are you going?

I am an Aussie guy who is about to head over to America to get back into skydiving having had a nasty injury due to a landing mishap last August.
I will be jumping in Arizona, however, I would also like to do some climbing whilst I am in the US.

I only have about 6mths of solid indoor climbing under my belt. Looking to get into the outdoor adventures but I am a little clueless on where to go and how to go about it.

I know Moab is your local playground and I have only heard and seen great things about it.
What are your thoughts? Do you conduct any intro climbing courses during the summer or recommend any?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Tristan,
Hope you are better from the injury!

We do have a business here called Moab Base Adventures. We do a lot of different things, as well as climbing guiding, for any level. So check it out, and maybe see you in Moab!

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