LTF in Tokyo

Hey Steph,

Finished the book this morning here in Tokyo. You have to be proud, it was a lovely story to read. Have suggested it to a number of friends today.

I’m not on FB or twitter etc so it was nice to hear your reasoning in setting up your own page to create your own community…like that idea.
I’m a fan of Kalous’ Enormocast as well, happy to see that he is helping you with your clinics. If the numbness in my fingers from a kayaking injury goes away and if there is still space available, maybe join up in October for your crack clinic, sounds awesome.

Warm regards,
Tracy (44yr old guy)

Thank you Tracy! Yes, Chris is awesome!
I need to start asking people: if you have time, would you post a review on Amazon? I’m very glad you liked the book, and hope to see you in October,

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