Lola at Smith

Hi Steph,
I became a big fan of yours after reading your book. We have a lot of similarities including being vegan so I value your blog. Thank you for putting your ideas, values, and accomplishments out there and being a role model to women, vegans, and rock climbing enthusiasts – amongst other things.

Oh, and I’ve included many cute pet pictures of our dog, Lola Tatupu. She is a bit of a Smith junkie. Can’t get her off the big walls.
Thanks, Marci

Hi Marci, Lola did a great job putting all those cairns in the huecos :) Thanks for all the cute pictures!

  • Dukeshire

    It takes steady paws to get some of those cairns in place. Nice job, Lola.

  • Dave

    That’s awesome!

  • steph davis

    good dog Lola!

  • steph davis


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