Keeping it Clean

Just out of curiosity, when you lived out of your car, where did you shower? In a couple years when Im out of college I plan to move out west to climb, run and live the pure life. I came across wikipedia on your life and how you lived out of your car for 7 years. I suppose some cities have local showers but I figure it would be interesting to hear from someone who has the experience living the lifestyle I am transitioning into.


Hi Elizabeth!
Well, the creek is always an option, but not really as clean (or hot) as a shower. In the worst case scenario, you can use a gallon of water and a washcloth. Usually I can clean up and even give my hair one wash with a gallon, if I have one to spare. It does always seem hard to get a really good suds with your hair that way, though, I don’t know why, so it’s definitely just a stopgap measure.

Usually when I’m traveling, I find the local recreation center or a gym, and ask if I can pay for a shower. Generally they will let you shower for a few dollars.

You can also splurge with a rest day at a hot spring, and shower as well as hang out in the hot spring. I think one of my very favorites is a place called Benton Springs, at a perfect distance for stopping between Moab and Yosemite. You can pay to camp at a site with a natural hot spring tub and a picnic table, and just camp from your truck (or car or tent) and jump in the tub as much as you want all evening and morning! It is the best, though a little spendy (around $20 for a night, but if you jump in the tub 20 times the math starts to work out). There’s also a good hot spring near Shelf Road, and lots in Bishop. There are lots of books that will tell you where every hot spring in the US is located….some people plan their trips around them.

And remember, always keep Wet Ones in the car….!
🙂 Steph


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