Help With Crack Climbing

Hey Steph,
I recent got into climbing about 6 months ago and started at a local gym. I recently wanted to push the limit and start crack climbing and was looking for tip on the correct techniques for crack climb. Also, how different is a crack in the indoor gym compare to cracks outdoors?

Hi Jarred,
If you have a crack (or cracks) in your gym, it is a great way to get started. Here is a quick rundown of some basic crack techniques. It won’t be the same climbing indoors as outdoors (is it ever?), but it will definitely get you exposed to the concept of jamming your hands and feet.
If you want some outdoor training, I would suggest you consider joining my Indian Creek Crack Clinic in October where you can get a crash course and build on what you’re already learned (and have fun).
And remember, big shoes!
:) Steph

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