Hello From Grand Junction

Steph, Jamie Zartman here, D-2898, SCR 729. I live in Grand Junction after retiring. I use Osprey packs for my camera gear, and just happened upon your terrific video on Climb2Fly.

Back in the 70s’, I loaned my parafoil to the late Carl Boenish during a jump meet in Lake Elsinore. It was Carl’s first jump on a ram air parachute. I think he became immediately hooked on square canopies on that day.

Here is a photo I took last year of an Osprey feeding a “stick chick” the remains of a sea trout, at a beach in Florida. Thought you might enjoy it.

I have always missed jumping and keep thinking about making one for my 70th birthday in October. They didn’t have GoPros when I was jumping, just heavy SLRs and 16mm then.

Safe journeys and best wishes…Jamie Z

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the great stories, and amazing photo! I just got to see an osprey hunting while I was in Annapolis last month, and it would have been worth the whole trip just for that. I hope you will have a great time on your birthday jump (Skydive Moab?)….and maybe get back into it again 🙂

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