Great Read, thanks!

Hello, I just finished reading your book High Infatuation. My climbing partner gave it to me with the comment “I think you would really like this book”. He was right. I read your book in one sitting. Thanks for sharing your experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc. It was so great to read a book written by and from a woman’s perspective. Each adventure wrapped my attention completely!

I read your book this past Friday and competed in a climbing comp the next day, on Saturday. I was lucky enough to make it to finals and while I was climbing, knowing that I would soon fall off as the route got steeper and more difficult, you actually flashed through my mind. I had the briefest flash of “Steph Davis is a bad ass”, it was enough to spur me on to making another clip and a few more moves.

I’ll be making my first trips to Devils Tower and Yosemite later this year. I’m psyched! Looking forward to seeing the features you described on El Cap for Free Rider and the Salathe!

You are super inspiring. Keep on keepin on.

From one climber chica to another, cheers,

Thanks a lot Kim, I’m glad you liked HI, and glad you got some inspiration in your comp 🙂
Have fun this summer!

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