Giddy Climbing Salve

The folks at Giddy sent me this array of hand salve and lip balm to try out. One of the greatest things about the climbing industry is that small and passionate companies can still thrive in it–every climbing salve company out there seems to be in that category, so I really have a soft spot for them! Having had a few exchanges with Giddy, I’ve become a fan of their dedication to sustainability, responsibility and just doing things right.

The Giddy balms have wonderful texture–I’ve always most preferred the small round bars that you have to warm up with your hands and rub into your skin for a few seconds. I usually put hand salve on at night, just before falling asleep, and I like it to be easy to rub in and to feel non-greasy so it doesn’t get my sheets all oily when I’m sleeping. All 3 of the balms I tried: lavender (I love anything lavender!), cooling mint and cedar mint have that smooth yet non-greasy texture and absorb well. Using this stuff can make the difference between waking up with skin still too sore to climb, or waking up with skin not too sore to climb 🙂

Thumbs up for the orange & vitamin C lip balm also, with a wonderful, smooth texture and nice scent. I’m addicted to lip balm, because I live in the desert, and I really like this one.

I asked Giddy to tell me a little bit about how they source their ingredients:
“We source 90% of our ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are the most committed supplier to sustainability, fair trade, and the organic movement we’ve been able to find other than small batch producers which we’ve grown out of for a lot of our products unfortunately. We make the products ourselves in small batch by hand in Durham, North Carolina. We try our best to ensure all of our products are sustainably sourced and we have a strict policy of not using overharvested ingredients like palm oil or sandalwood. ”

These are some good folks, and it feels good to support them: check them out!

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