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Hi Steph Davis first off id like to tell you that you are truely my hero but what i really wanted to talk about was BASE jumping. now im not as old as i should be to be able to actually start im only 15 but ive been rock climbing almost everyday for about a year now and I really love it (in the short way of saying it) its great for me but i want to explore into different things too and i really wanted to try learning something about skydiving and ultimately BASE jumping but ive only ever watched videos and read about it. i know next to nothing about it and i was wondering if you could help me with that. I’d just like to know if and how I can get started. I’d really love to hear back from you and thank you for reading.
From: Sydney

Hi Sydney,
Thanks for writing!
I recommend you check out my new book, Learning to Fly, because it will answer all of your questions about how to get into jumping.
I also recommend the Great Book of Base, for a very thorough and good introduction to base jumping.
When you start skydiving, after 100 jumps, you can come to us for a First Jump Course at Moab Base Adventures.
So maybe see you in a few years!

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