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As you may know, I joined Evolv in 2012 and part of our vision was to make a synthetic slipper that would work well for splitter crack climbing as well as face climbing. I’ve worked with many companies in the outdoor industry over the last 18 years, and Evolv really stands out for their motivation to endlessly create and modify prototype shoes for the different athletes on their team, according to everyone’s very particular style and taste. Being able to ask for and test out new shoe ideas leads to a lot of innovation, and is really fun for the team climbers.

The vegan slipper was a very long and cruxy project which we approached in stages, making a regular slipper first while continuing to search for a good synthetic option that would work for an unlined shoe. Along the way, the shoe designers and owner of Evolv decided that there should be more vegan options in the line. Now Evolv is releasing not just the vegan Addict (which will be called the Mantra), but a whole selection of vegan approach shoes and climbing shoes!

And for all of you who’ve read this far 🙂 here’s a coupon code for 10% off any shoes: lovevolv which you can use at the Evolv website.

So the vegan lineup is full on:
Cruzers for both men and women, laceups and slip ons, all vegan friendly and in lots of colors:

And there are a lot of vegan climbing shoes all of a sudden…
mao rasta
Rasta Shaman limited edition and quantity, available until they’re sold out. I love these for limestone, steep sport climbing and gym climbing.
Vegan Addict (Mantra) limited edition and quantity, available starting December 1 until they’re sold out. My splitter crack shoes! And also for climbing on the woody and general sandstone climbing.
a redesign of the original Shaman, making it fully synthetic (the old one had leather in the footbed which made a lot of vegan climbers cuckoo for cocoapuffs) Excited to try these out at Rifle…
the Agro, a sensitive, steep climbing shoe. I can’t wait to try these for gym and steep climbing too.
the Kronos, a men’s performance, flat soled, all-around shoe
and the Kira, the women’s version of the Kronos. I’ve been waiting impatiently for a low volume flat shoe with a good toe point that I can use for super technical face climbing and granite 🙂
So the Mantras have been a long time in the making, and just like that, there’s suddenly a whole lineup of synthetic options for all the different types of climbing…!

10 responses to “Evolv Vegan Shoes”

  1. […] have time to see them all. You can see a round-up of new Evolv shoes at Steph Davis’s blog, including a picture of the Kira and Kronos. Currently we’re not sure where to get more information about the new $99 entry-level Raptor […]

  2. Ana says:

    awesome (and finally)!!!!! thanks for sharing, i’m super stoked for the mantra and kira! … now… to get them in china….

  3. TJ says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you Steph! I am needing new shoes so this is perfect timing. Now, if we can find a good down alternative… 😉

  4. Christina says:

    Do you know how the Kira compares in width and volume to the Evolv Nikita? I have a hard to fit foot, but the Nikita is one of the shoes out there that I can wear. I’m hoping the Kira is similar in both width and volume…

  5. steph davis says:

    I think the Kira is a little lower volume than the Nikita, at least for me.

  6. Christina says:

    Awesome, thanks! I can’t wait to try them on.

  7. Justin Maurice Brown says:

    Hey Steph thanks for the sneak peak. Are the Kira and Kronos replacing the Pontas. How do they perform compared to the Luchadore?

  8. Chae Martinsen says:

    When are the vegan addicts coming out? Did I miss my chance to get some or should I still be eagerly awaiting them to appear on the market?

  9. Lulu Deubzer says:

    Hey Steph, I wondered which brand you can recommend for vegan mountaineering shoes. It seems to be rather complicated… I would be very grateful for any recommendations! cheers, Lulu


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