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Hi Steph-

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I have gleaned alot of crack climbing tips and techniques from you, which have greatly improved my overall crack climbing ability.

My wife and I are planning a getting away to adventurous Utah in September. We want to mountain bike, hike and raft (maybe). Is there a specific city/region/area I should focus on? Could you recommend any tours or guides?


Hi Paul,
You will be able to do everything you want in Moab, and September is a really good time to be here (it can still be hot, but is starting to cool off, and days are still long).
The Discover Moab site is a great resource and should help you find any tour company you need. If you are interested in air sports, our new cooperative Moab Air Adventures offers tandem base jumps, tandem skydives, balloon tours and scenic flights (you can come check it out on Main Street).
If you can push your stay through the first weekend of October, you could join my October crack clinic.
The hardest thing is just choosing what you want to do….!

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