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Hey Steph, love the site! As a male with shoulder length hair, I’m curious how you take care of your hair while out on multi-week climbing trips without water/shower? Mine turns into knots and dreads.

Hi Colby,
I usually just comb my hair with a wide tooth comb when it’s wet, and if it’s windy or I’m climbing, I keep it tied up. Wind seems like the main tangler. My biggest advice to you with regards to dreads is PREVENT! Dreads don’t happen in 5 minutes but they’re kind of stealthy so it can seem like everything’s fine and then it’s all too late..!! If you get one trying to sneak in under the back there, take the 3 minutes to comb it out with your fingers or with a comb.

I also really recommend dry shampoo, if you don’t have any access to water. Because cleanliness is good. I guess what I’m trying to say is ladies really like people being clean. And so do climbing partners and employers and people next to you in the grocery store…. But you should do what you want! 😀

You also can do a really good job of keeping clean between showers with just one gallon of water if you want to by washing face/pits/naughtybits with soap and a washcloth, then pour about half the gallon of water over your head, shampoo up, and then rinse it with the rest of the gallon. If you want to use some conditioner for dread prevention, use some leave-in and that will really help too.
🙂 Steph

  • “Dry Shampoo”

    Out of water? What to do?
    Why not try the dry shampoo?
    Dries the oils and even lice
    Makes your hair look really nice

    If you haven’t any spray
    Corn-starch works, so shake away
    If you later need a snack
    Shake your hair to get it back

    Hope that helps.

  • “Stephy D. Good” (hat tip to the late great Chuck Berry)

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    In an ordinary middle class family
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    Oh, she spent a week in law-school ‘for she up and quit
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    To be the best at climbing any one could be


    Now she leads the life of a climbing star
    Really pushed the limits in a beat up car
    Many people coming from miles around
    To see her climb the cliffs ‘for she then jumps down
    Maybe someday somebody will do what she did
    But that won’t take away from the Flyin’ Kid


  • Stephen J. Bercik

    Hi I was wondering if the corn starch made hair texture gross ever, and if bugs seemed at all more attracted. Thanks!


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