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Moab Women’s Clinic


The Moab Women’s Clinic is an opportunity for women to meet up, climb and learn with other climbing women who are interested in gaining more confidence and more mastery. You may be looking to transition from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing, or you may feel like you’ve been exposed to a lot of different skills randomly by various friends, but you want to gain a more solid grasp on safety and problem-solving in a multi-pitch climbing situation. This clinic will give you the chance to learn handy and potentially life-saving tips and tricks from women who’ve been in the sport for decades, as well as the opportunity to sample desert sandstone climbing around Moab, both crack and face, with a great group of women!

You’ll learn tips and techniques for leading and get hands-on training and practice at efficiently and safely belaying a leader with an auto-locking belay device and learn important skills for managing scenarios where the leader is heavier than you, the same weight, or lighter than you. You’ll also learn useful knots for use with different webbing and ropes, safe sequences for threading anchors and setting rappels, and fundamental but important habits to maximize safety on your climbs. We’ll discuss how to assess and improve the safety of anchors you come across, from the bolts to the chains and slings, rather than just clipping in and assuming it’s all good. Depending on the interests of the group, we may address anchor building techniques and multi-pitch efficiency tips.

We’ll spend half our time working with techniques and half our time climbing so that you’ll get a taste of crack climbing on desert sandstone. It’s a lot to cover in 2 days, but we make sure you get plenty of time and practice on the things that are new to you so you feel sure you can apply them later. Our goal is to give you the skills you need to feel safe and confident climbing outside with your partners, whether they are less or more experienced than you are.

The clinic cost is $950 and the group size is capped at 9. We teach with a team of 3 top notch desert locals so everyone gets personal attention throughout. All participants will receive a pair of Evolv Cruzers, and many other goodies too 🙂

We get together for dinner the night before the clinic to get to know each other, and on both climbing mornings at some of my favorite local restaurants. Usually the group starts connecting via email in the months before the clinic, to make travel plans together, to set up camping or lodging together and often to meet up for climbing before and after the clinic. You’ll go home with a group of new climbing partners too 🙂

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