Y&Y Clip Up Belay Glasses

The Y&Y Clip Up Belay Glasses are great for specialized use--people who wear prescription glasses and people belaying in winter sun with sunglasses.

Y&Y Belay Glasses

I am a real convert to belay glasses, and Y&Y sent me this pair of Bordeaux Red Colorful Belay Glasses to test out. If you have not started using belay glasses, you should get some immediately if not sooner!! They’re simple to use, they save your neck, and they make it possible to watch your […]

The Fear Chronicles 4

There’s one question we all have, and it gets talked about in different ways: why. Why do things that scare you? Why do things that are risky? Everyone seems to have a different perception of what’s scary, what’s risky, what is worth it, whatever “it” is. I read something I liked in a book today, […]

Shard First Ascent

Well, now you’ve done it, coming out in support of six climbers doing the Shard to fly a banner against Royal Dutch Shell exploration in the Arctic. Way to go, Steph. Keep the adventure going, beautiful. Best, -Rick-= PS: I cannot climb tall spires, but I can work for climate sanity, and doing so with […]


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