Limitless Possibilities

Ok, so it isn't a question, more of a statement. UMD climbing can be a bit of a boys club but when I see women like you crushing it in the climbing world I'm reminded about the limitless possibilities I have around me.

Sprinter Van Buildout: Van Living 4

Whether you have a van, want a van or just like thinking about vans and small living spaces, there's nothing more awesome than getting tours of other people's buildouts or spending hours on the internet checking out pictures of other people's buildouts :) There are endless possibilities...

The Buildout Priority List: Van Living 3

So the first crux of van living is getting the van. And then you have a big metal box that can be transformed into a little home on wheels, which brings us to the second crux. What do you want in there?

To Sprinter or Not to Sprinter: Van Living 2

It was last December that I realized it was finally time to think about getting a van. This was a search that started with lots of optimism. Surely I'd be able to scour the internet and find some amazing deal on a van...


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