4 Training Tips for Older Women Climbers

Hi Steph, I've enjoyed checking out your website over the past year, and have a question for you. Do you have any specific training trips for women who are older climbers?


Steph, I have used Creatine as a supplement, however, I am not a consistent user of it. Anyway, what brand do you prefer? Also, when do you take it? Do you take it before training, after, in the morning?

Training With a Broken Ankle

Hi Steph, i broke my ankle a few days ago and I was absolutely devastated when I thought about having a long time off climbing. I was hoping you could give me some tips and advice about which exercises could keep me climbing fit.

Climbing, Hip Replacements and Age

In the last four years after two hip replacements due to the grinding punishment of long distance running in my 40s and 50s, I have returned to climbing both outside and at our local indoor gym as a fresh 60 year old. I am wondering if you have ever met, climbed with, taught anyone with joint replacements? If you have, were any of these bionic folks able to go beyond a 5.9 lead?


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