Sprinter Van Training Systems

Hey Steph, My partner and I are hitting the road in our sprinter in about a month and I'm thinking of how to to adapt my training (basically a pull up bar and hangboard to the van). I haven't really come up with any great ideas and thought you'd have some good advice.

Multi Sport Challenges

For me, I only had one love and that was rock climbing. Life was easy. And now a few years later I found air sports. I am quickly falling in love with flying (read; falling) as well. Now I feel my attention and passion is being jockeyed for between the two sports. How did you deal with this?

Climbing and Injury

My question is also a concern. I really love climbing, but I have also had a lot of trouble with injuries. Two years ago I went on a bike tour from Alaska to Bishop, California, to go rock climbing. That was the start of a year long ordeal with tendon problems. I have since healed to the point that I can now climb frequently, but I am afraid of re-injury. Do you have a method for dealing with in

Guest Post: Home Wall Setting

Hey Steph, quick question about home wall setting. Do you have setting parties , or spend a day and redo your wall alone? Or do you also just slap all your holds up and more or less let your imagination do the work while you're sessioning?


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