Training for Alpine Objectives

Hey Steph, I have aspirations to head into the greater ranges to test my mettle and achieve some alpine goals. I don't have many alpine routes on my resume and I struggle to keep up in deep snow or on steep slopes, particularly with male partners. My question for you is how you have prepared for alpine objectives like in Patagonia or the Karakoram? Do you follow a training regimen and how do you b

ACL Recovery and Gym Time

Hi Steph! I stumbled upon your page just today after looking up how soon I can return to climbing after my ACL repair. I noticed you said you spent a lot of time in the gym and I was wondering what some of the things were that you did while recovering from surgery to stay happy and strong!

Sprinter Van Training Systems

Hey Steph, My partner and I are hitting the road in our sprinter in about a month and I'm thinking of how to to adapt my training (basically a pull up bar and hangboard to the van). I haven't really come up with any great ideas and thought you'd have some good advice.

Multi Sport Challenges

For me, I only had one love and that was rock climbing. Life was easy. And now a few years later I found air sports. I am quickly falling in love with flying (read; falling) as well. Now I feel my attention and passion is being jockeyed for between the two sports. How did you deal with this?


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