Dirtbag Retirement Planning

Hi Steph! You're seriously my favorite female climber. You're incredibly wise, I love this whole site you have up! So I have a question. What's your theory/thoughts/practices on retirement planning? I know finances is a personal question. But I'm trying to live simply in order for me to fully enjoy this life while I have it.

Love Dogs

Love is the one thing that has a beginning but not an end.

Bailing Out of Law School

Hey Steph, I want to ask how you made the move to quit law school. Some days aren't so bad and sometimes I'm even interested in what I'm learning, but most days I feel so lost here. I've literally cried in the library because I feel so disconnected. I don't mean to pour my heart out to you, but you were ballsy enough to call it and quit school. I guess I'm just wondering what broke the camel's ba

Climbing and Through Hiking

Hi! My name is Cheyenne. I am a 22 year old, outdoors enthusiastic nomad. I came up with the crazy idea of through-hiking South America. How possible, would you say, would it be to combine climbing with through-hiking? Climbing gear is decently heavy, especially considering through-through-hiking over 6,000 miles.


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