Living Life

Good morning Steph, I've been spending some time reflecting and setting goals for this next year, and I have been reminded of just how much your book, and blog, made a major impact and influence on me; I thought I would share that with you.

Love Dogs Connection

Dear Steph, I don't have a gear or life question or need climbing advice, but I am writing to say thank you, and to acknowledge a heartfelt connection I felt when reading your post "Love Dogs." On the face of it we could not be more different: I am 61, and have lived with mild cerebral palsy all my life.

Dirtbag Hair Care

Hey Steph, love the site! As a male with shoulder length hair, how do you take care of your hair while out on multi-week climbing trips without water/shower? Mine turns into knots and dreads.

Dirtbag Retirement Planning

Hi Steph! You're seriously my favorite female climber. You're incredibly wise, I love this whole site you have up! So I have a question. What's your theory/thoughts/practices on retirement planning? I know finances is a personal question. But I'm trying to live simply in order for me to fully enjoy this life while I have it.


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