Bailing Out of Law School

Hey Steph, I want to ask how you made the move to quit law school. Some days aren't so bad and sometimes I'm even interested in what I'm learning, but most days I feel so lost here. I've literally cried in the library because I feel so disconnected. I don't mean to pour my heart out to you, but you were ballsy enough to call it and quit school. I guess I'm just wondering what broke the camel's ba

Climbing and Through Hiking

Hi! My name is Cheyenne. I am a 22 year old, outdoors enthusiastic nomad. I came up with the crazy idea of through-hiking South America. How possible, would you say, would it be to combine climbing with through-hiking? Climbing gear is decently heavy, especially considering through-through-hiking over 6,000 miles.

CW Hemp

Hi Steph, I've noticed you've mentioned CW Hemp a couple of times on Instagram, I was just wondering if you could do a little blog post about why you use their products, which ones you use, which one Cajun uses and what benefits you've seen? I'm intrigued by hemp extract products.

Nutrition, Birth Control and Dog Food

Hi Steph, I was curious if you have an opinion on birth control. One of the things I've come to like about a whole foods plant based lifestyle is the purity of interactions your body will have with those foods. Then I remembered i take birth control, which also interferes with hormonal balance in the body.


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