Fear as a Positive Variable

Hi Steph I'm doing postgraduate research for a Masters in Psychology at the moment. My dissertation is focussed on how fear influences risk taking behaviour in BASE jumping. I would love to get an insight into your opinion on this subject...how you use fear as a positive variable when soloing and BASE jumping.

When to Start Lead Climbing?

I’m pretty new to climbing, just started in January 2016. I’m climbing 10a-bs, sometimes 10c, and was thinking of learning to lead climb. Should I wait a little longer, or just go for it? I hear different things from different people, and there are quite a few who say I should be comfortable climbing 11s […]

Womens Clinic Thank You!

ey Steph: Just wanted to write a quick thank-you note. I took your clinic in April and got to hang out and climb with a bunch of awesome women from all over the US & Canada (Jen!). It was good to finally get some skills that would give me the confidence to take other climbers out & be safe.

Hug From Argentina

Hi Steph, I'm a 18 years old absolutely paniote climber, studying physics in Bariloche, Argentina... Right now I'm getting crasy trying to decide if I keep studying or dedicate somehow to mountain.


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