Potato Leek Soup and Life

I've been making your potato leek soup as part of my regular meal prep for a year or two now (possibly longer) and it was only tonight that I read a little deeper into your story and found it very touching and inspiring.

Wilderness Therapy and Change

Hi Steph, In the field of wilderness therapy, which I have been immersed in over the past four years, there is an intense amount of work placed on dealing with change and your story has provided me with a backdrop to use as an allusion for these guys to think about when they feel like they can't go on.

Sprinter Dreams

Hi Steph, It was always a dream of mine to purchase and complete a build out of my own Sprinter and I made that happen this past summer/fall. I purchased an old construction van at the end of July and between work trips (I work out of town allot in the summer), I managed to do the build out in August and part of September (just in time for the good temps).

Death and Fear

Hi Steph. The questions I would love to hear your thoughts on regard death and fear. It may be you have been asked and already answered a question like mine before, though I wanted to reach out regardless.


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