Climbing Shoe Injuries

evolv shoes

Hey Steph, thanks so much for being so open to contact from random people all around the world, it is really interesting to read others questions that you receive. My question for you is about climbing shoes creating running injuries, and if you have had experience with it.

Small Climbing Pack


Hi Steph, I thought I would see if you have a recommendation for a small (12 liter would be great, 10 would work) pack that can be worn while climbing. I am frustrated looking for one because packs of that size are usually unisex and don't fit me well.

Synthetic Addict Slippers


Hey Steph, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I started climbing 4 years ago and you’ve been a huge influence on me in many many ways, from rock climbing to being VEGAN! I’ve been vegetarian for a couple years but I started being fully vegan around September of 2014 and I love it. […]

Diva Cup Care


Hey Steph, I am hoping you can answer this email before i leave for Bali on March 4. I just got a diva cup and I love it. I know you use one, and I am hoping you can give me some advice for cleaning and sanitizing it while on the road. I’ll be in […]

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