Yosemite Climbing Shoes?

Hi Steph, thanks for the way you are. I really like you. I am climber and vegan like you. I have one question. I am going climb in Yosemite in September. Can you recomend me please some climbing shoes for this granite crack climbing? Of course, vegan shoes :)

Backcountry Safety Kits

Fast and light has always been my mantra, so I'm not going to be lugging around a huge emergency kit. At the same time, I believe there are a few truly essential items I'd be really glad to have if I found myself in a pinch somewhere.

Belay Glasses Decision

Hey Steph, Between the two belay glasses, which of the two do you prefer wearing? I don't care about the cost and looks just how glasses perform.

Mini Traxion Rope Solo Length?

Hi Steph, I have just started to get into top rope soloing, at the moment I am using a grigri on one strand and backing up on another with alpines clipped to my harness. The main question I have is; What is the maximum climb length that you would top rope solo?


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