Diva Cup Care


Hey Steph, I am hoping you can answer this email before i leave for Bali on March 4. I just got a diva cup and I love it. I know you use one, and I am hoping you can give me some advice for cleaning and sanitizing it while on the road. I’ll be in […]

How to Size Your Gear Sling

crop mel gear sling

Hi Steph I’m leading trad more and more. And I was wanting a gear sling but I don’t know what size to get. I like the ones you’ve made. Just curious to know what size you use and how to exactly size a gear sling. Derick Hi Derick, I use a size small. Usually I […]

Cordelette for Climbing: What Are the Issues?


Thanks Steph, yet another informative piece. I have one problem though, with something that was added to the comments at the end of the posts… “Remember, when you create a loop of the 7mm cord with a fisherman’s knot or similar, you will always weight at least two strands of the cord, effectively doubling the […]

Self-Supported Climbing Wall

climbing wall 3

Dear Steph, I’m a big fan of you and I really love to read technical posts on your blog. I love climbing as much as find solutions to everyday problems: probably not everyone’s problem but you can understand me… how do I make a decent climbing wall fit in an empty room (that I have […]

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