Nursing Career and Climbing Adventure

I'm wondering if you think it's smarter to enter school/career or take a year off to finish other dreams. Right now, I have no obligations and little student loans. The world feels widely open, but I am starting to feel the pressure towards getting a serious job. The question is when...

Signed Copy of Learning to Fly

People have been emailing me to ask how they can get a copy of the new Learning to Fly sent outside of the US, or an autographed copy, so I added it as an option to my online store--I'm able to order books direct from Simon and Schuster, so it's pretty easy for me to sign and mail them out.

Accidents in Wingsuit Base Jumping

I'm from Louisiana where we hunt and fish,not any mountains or cliffs around. There's been quite a few wing suit deaths over the past few years. I was surprised that many were very experienced and world class. Do you have any thoughts on what can go wrong on these flights?

Flying Life

Guest post from my good friend Jeff Shapiro, who has dedicated his life to flying and climbing in many forms, and is also a truly lovely human, animal steward, husband and dad 🙂 I think he has some great advice for living a balanced and passionate life in the sky and on the ground. Hey […]


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