Nutrition, Birth Control and Dog Food

Hi Steph, I was curious if you have an opinion on birth control. One of the things I've come to like about a whole foods plant based lifestyle is the purity of interactions your body will have with those foods. Then I remembered i take birth control, which also interferes with hormonal balance in the body.

Honda Element Platform Bed

Hi Steph, I wanted to email you because I stumbled upon your blog when I searched google for “Honda Element Platform Bed”. I recently bought an Element and am excited to make the bed platform – thank you for posting all the pictures and descriptions of it! It’s one of the best I have found. […]

Car Living and Dogs

Hi Steph, My names Shannon, and right now I’m a senior at CU Boulder studying evolutionary biology and ecology. I just read your book high infatuation, and i guess you could say it was kinda life changing and spoke to me. I just started rock climbing about three months ago, and I love it. When […]

Flying Life

Guest post from my good friend Jeff Shapiro, who has dedicated his life to flying and climbing in many forms, and is also a truly lovely human, animal steward, husband and dad 🙂 I think he has some great advice for living a balanced and passionate life in the sky and on the ground. Hey […]


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