Should I Buy Omega Pacific Link Cams?

Steph, I want to make you a question, could you give me your opinion about the Omega Link Cam? i am from mexico and i am crack climber too, so i want to buy this gear but i don't know if is a good option.

What’s the Best Knot for Tying Rappel Ropes?

Let's talk about rappel knots! Because a lot of people ask me "what's the best knot for tying rap lines together?"

What To Do When Your Teeth Get Knocked Out Because You Fell Clipping With the Rope in Your Mouth

If I've learned one thing in climbing, it's anything that can happen will happen. And so I try to plan accordingly. Hopefully you never take a fall and knock out your teeth while in the backcountry, but if you do, just remember these few things:

When to Start Lead Climbing?

I’m pretty new to climbing, just started in January 2016. I’m climbing 10a-bs, sometimes 10c, and was thinking of learning to lead climb. Should I wait a little longer, or just go for it? I hear different things from different people, and there are quite a few who say I should be comfortable climbing 11s […]


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