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Yesterday I stumbled across a post you put on Greg Crouch’s facebook page (he has been a long time friend of mine)… it got me curious. I have been a climber for a long time but had never been on your blog. I was excited to see you pretty much have done what I am trying to do. After seven years of working (in the Army) after college I was set to go to law school last Fall. After a lot of soul searching I just decided to not go so I could stay on in Europe and spend more time climbing and writing. I took a part time job so I could stay over here and am trying to write. It has been a bit scary but the sense of freedom is great. Hopefully I’ll have the patience to see it through and make the writing work for me.

So, I had been thinking about trying to get into BASE jumping as well. It seemed way easier to fly off a mountain than make a descent. When I went on your site I realized that is what you are doing. I have been in contact with Jari Kuosma, the owner of Birdman, and he gave me some great info but I would love your take on it as well. I have no idea where to start and don’t want to waste a lot of effort in the wrong direction.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Your blog is outstanding…


Hi Dan,
Thanks for writing 🙂
The concept of climbing up a mountain and flying off it is super aesthetic! I think that the most practical way to do that is with a speed flyer (rather than wingsuit and base rig). If you would like to get into speed flying, I would recommend that you learn how to paraglide at a paragliding center (there is one near Draper, Utah at Point of the Mountain). Once you get into paragliding, you can start learning about speed flying.

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