Awesome Woodys Cliff Board

The Awesome Woodys Cliff Board is one of those items that is pretty darn perfect, in my opinion 🙂 I’ve gotten attached to hangboard workouts in the last few years, especially in times where I’m traveling. Some trips aren’t climbing trips (!!!), and then keeping up with hangboard workouts is really important. I quickly realized it’s not that easy to do a hangboard workout when you’re away from home, because you do need a hangboard. I tried to modify a wooden one I had for roadtrips, and discovered that it always tips wrong and it can be hard to find a structure to clip both sides from, and it is also pretty heavy and hard to lug around–great for home (what it was made for), but not so great for travel. As usual, I discovered there’s someone out there who had the same problems and came up with a wonderful solution.
cliffboard front
The Cliff Board is light, extremely cleverly designed and lovingly handmade. You know how when you have something made from wood that’s been hand built and hand sanded, it just feels good? The Cliff Board comes with instructions for some great custom workouts you can do with it–I always like having new 10 minute hangboard workouts to try, so I found this an unexpected bonus.

You only need a single clip point (this is wonderful), and it doesn’t tip the wrong way when you are using either the front or the back (this is awesome)–actually, you can choose if you want it to tip or not, which changes the slopiness of the rungs.
cliffboard back
The full size Cliff Board is about the size of my Mac Air and about the same weight, which is pretty phenomenal. Not only that, Awesome Woodys is a very small and specialized company owned by Ross Ferguson who is a longtime, dedicated climber–and these are always my favorite type of companies to support.

The only hard part is deciding which board to get: I have the Cliff Board, but the Wide Boy looks pretty great also. And of course if you are going for ultra ultra compact, the Mini is the way to go–you can easily put this in your purse, backpack or carry-on and not even notice it.

If you live in Australia, you are psyched and you even get free shipping! If you don’t live in Australia, you can just order a couple of boards and you’ll still get free shipping (maybe go in with a friend or go big and get the Cliff Board AND the Wide Boy, or give someone a really nice present).

3 responses to “Awesome Woodys Cliff Board”

  1. Will Watterson says:

    I love Awesome Woodys, the best travel training device I’ve ever had 🙂

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