I haven’t come to Arco for jumping in several years–being here always makes me want to move here! Somehow Arco makes me feel like I’m in Moab, except with tons of limestone climbing everywhere, giant cliffs to fly off of all over the place, the best tomatoes on the planet and of course the best house wine you can have in a restaurant.
in base bus
This year, a couple has started a business called the Monte Brento Base Bus, which makes it almost like a drop zone to jump Monte Brento. Fabio and Adrianna are really nice people, and the best thing about the Base Bus is that if you take it to the top and it is too windy, too cloudy, or too anything really, they will gladly return and pick you up.
jumpers at exit
Fabio truly wants to make sure the jumpers know that no one ever has to jump, they are sincerely happy to come back for anyone–and more than once he and Adrianna have been pulled away from their dinner because the winds never calmed down for the evening load. This is a one hour drive up long and winding roads! So they are really great people, and the Base Bus is a fantastic service–totally worth 11 euros (and not only do they come rescue jumpers if necessary, they do not even charge for the rescue trip).
The little time I get to climb in Arco is never enough, considering there are several lifetimes worth of climbing to do here…
piccolo dallas
Climbing on limestone tufas, jumping off a 4000 foot cliff: Arco has to be one of the greatest places ever 🙂
Brento 2 way
A week here was a great start to our trip, getting comfortable in the Viper which is by far the hugest suit I’m ever jumped!
and now it’s off to the Dolomites, another one of my favorite places on the planet….

  • Wisham

    My heart is broken for you today. Sending my prayers and thoughts your way..

  • Crazy Horse

    Words cannot express how much sorrow i feel for your loss. May your many friends be the strength you need to come through on the other side.

  • jbyrd

    As someone I always felt I could relate too, I can’t imagine what you are going through now . . . I’m so sorry. My boxer puppy has endless licks and cuddling for you!

  • jr

    I feel for you during this time of loss. Thanks for living life to the fullest.

  • Ania

    Steph…there is nothing anyone can write to “make it all better” right now…All I can say is I’m very, so terribly sorry for your loss. I’ve lost my partner in an accident and I know that the pain inside you must be so great that nothing can compare…
    Stay strong and remember that one day, in the future, against all the odds…you are going to be okay.

  • AshleyM

    Steph, I cannot begin to understand your pain right now and I am so, so sorry for your loss. Your husband is my boyfriend’s hero and the news is heart wrenching to all that read and grasped the undeniable love you shared with him in your latest book, but also to all of the aspiring and active base jumpers out there. He will forever be known as a legend and will not be forgotten. I know these times are harder than you can even imagine, but please know that all of the people that love and respect all of the things Mario and you have done for the base community are sending you positive and loving vibes and energy. We love you, Steph, and we know that you are a strong woman with some of the best qualities out there, and you can and will absolutely get through this. I wish there were something I could say to help heal your heart. Just know that your admirers are thinking of you from afar and sending you so much love. I wish you to be as well as you can be at this time of loss.

  • jaime

    It’s a very sad moment. Remember you have a bunch of good friends all around the world to give you shelter, support and love. Don’t hesitate to ask for those whenever you feel you need them.
    Un montón de abrazos desde El Chorro y desde Tenerife (both in Spain), Jaime

  • J.

    All the love for you.

  • Sarah

    I heard of your terrible loss today and I am so very sorry. My heart and thoughts of comfort go out to you. I will think of you often and send much love.

  • Matt

    Thinking about you steph…. So sorry for your loss

  • Frankie

    Dear Steph,

    You don’t know me, but I have followed your blog and your story for several years. As a fellow climber and skydiver, I write to give you my sincerest condolences.

    I can’t imagine that words will help you right now, but please know that I am just one of many, many people who are thinking of you and sending support. Please try to take care of yourself during this very difficult time.


  • fred r

    Hang tough is all I can come up with. Sorry, it is not that great I know. As a child with a Dad who fought in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, growing up, every time something went wrong, that was his advice. It got me through less than tough times. I brought it up at his service 12 years ago. It was oddly comforting. I hope that helps in some way shape or form. I am really sorry and hope that your thoughts are filled with the sunrise, sunset, the lick of a dogs tongue and positive memories. Be well.

  • Brian

    I’m very sorry for your loss.


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