A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle, from 3 Strings Media:
one season in Moab, climbing and base jumping desert towers.
We hope you like it!

  • Khristian

    Beautiful life, beautiful you! Love this video, very inspiring. Looking forward to your new book too!

  • Michaelmay513

    Great video Steph! Thanks for sharing!

  • Fred Quintao (Brazil)

    Very cool video!

  • E.

    🙂 Very nice.  I have been waiting to watch this.  Will be thinking of this tomorrow when I lead my first ever trad pitch.

  • Guest

    This is the best thing I’ve seen for a very long time. Amazing!

  • thanks!

  • good luck!

  • thanks 🙂

  • we’re glad you like it.

  • 🙂 thanks!

  • Tracy


  • Gabriel

    Thank you for the beautiful work you’ve done here! I’ve really enjoyed it! 

  • Awesome! Posting to the prAna blog on Sat!

  • Bern

    Thanks Beth (and film crew)  The footage, and the experiences are epic!  I have to say that I felt the most connected to it and you in the first 6 min.  Thank you for sharing candid insight on your alternative lifestyle.  It’s refreshing to hear and see from you what I’ve been working hard on and convincing myself of for a long time, that it’s okay to take the plunge away from a mainstream career path.  Instead, you followed your true calling as a climber.  The biggest realization I think I’ve had this year (at age 31) is to be okay with my chosen alternative “career” lifestyle as a photographer,  sailing instructor, bicycle advocate, swimmer, runner, everyday lazy morning coffee drinker, bike tourist, neophyte climber… My success is based on the stability of my level of enjoyed experiences and challenges, and I am not misguided by societal things I SHOULD BE doing.  Now… I just have to continue to make enough money to pay for the everyday up-keep 😉  

    Keep inspiring.

  • Guest

    I understand your thinking around risk vs. reward, given your decision to be a professional climber and your level of expertise.  However, I am concerned about the message that is communicated to the rest of the climbing community (most of whom are recreational climbers and many of whom are beginners).  Free soloing has increased in popularity and “coolness” and I think we are going to see more and more accidents/deaths related to this very risky activity.  We need to be careful of conflating the adrenaline rush that comes with taking and surviving high risk situations with “being alive” and overcoming fear.   Risk is a product of probability and consequence.  Running out easy ground is not smart if the consequences are deadly.  It is easy for us to become complacent when we take risks and nothing bad happens.  It’s all fun (and, yes, games and recreation at the end of the day) until someone gets hurt.

  • 🙂

  • we are glad you like it

  • thanks, and we are happy you like it

  • free soloing is one style of climbing, and it is not for everyone. over 22 years in the sport, i’ve seen that perhaps its most special quality is that no one does it unless they truly feel the draw from within. i hope my message has always been to follow one’s passion and to have ultimate honesty with oneself.

  • Jeremy Leonard

    Wow! I really like this … also makes me think.

  • Great video, going through some tough times and a lot of yr words helped me as well as inspire me, thank you.

  • K-M

    Amazing! Would love to go to Moab some day! Thanks for inspiring us Steph!

  • Arno

    Very nice video Steph. Yes, everything is illusive…that job, that relationship, our ability to climb at a certain level. Everything transforms into something new. So, seems we must relax into it and enjoy. You’re livin that approach to life quite well. Arno

  • John in Chicago

    Can’t get enough of your videos. Fantastic. When can I expect to see your 2nd book on the market, or has it been so already

  • Alex

    Wonderful film! The footage and the text – everything is excellent. Good luck, Steph!  

  • Nick B

    Outstanding video!  It was very thought-provoking to watch this.  I started climbing ten years ago, and fell in love with it immediately.  After growing up playing tennis, water polo, and wrestling, this felt like the best sport on Earth:  something that contained a very important mental component in addition the the physicality.   However when I arrived at that inevitable fork in the road, I took the path more traveled.   After undergraduate studies, I went on to graduate school.  The things I’ve learned and seen as a grad student have forever changed my perspective on life and, in particular, our society.  I cherish the experiences I’ve had, and I am very happy now (currently living in Fort Collins–a place with which you are pretty familiar, I think); but I often wonder what might have been had I taken a path more akin to your own.  Thank you for an eye-opening glimpse into the passions of your life…you are an inspiration! 

  • Bhawk

    Thank You. 

  • thanks!

  • i’m glad, thanks Julian

  • it is the desert paradise 🙂

  • thanks Arno!

  • Hi John, Learning to Fly will come out next February from Touchstone/Simon & Schuster. It’s in the final editing phase right now…

  • thank you Alex 🙂

  • Definitely familiar with Fort Collins….I got my master’s degree at CSU 🙂 I love that town!

  • John in Chicago

    Thanks for the info, steph. Any chance of a book signing opportunity?

  • I hope so, we’ll see 🙂

  • Genadi Exfrimal

    Шикарно!!! Очень впечатляет.

  • Maxjanszen

    Absolutely beautiful! 

  • Anjali

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring video.

  • thanks!

  • thanks!

  • Chiricavali

     you are amazing!!

  • Kalenglenn

    The crux of life indeed. Keeping the good things in and abolishing the negative. So hard.

  • Sarah

    Do you have any suggestions for vegan rappelling gloves? The only ones I’ve been able to find include leather. I just started climbing and my hands have been getting really sore from the ropes. Thanks for your help!

  • I use gloves for belaying too, especially with a Grigri. You can go to the hardware store, and they always have tons of gloves, from gardening gloves with the sticky dot palms to tight-fitting mechanics gloves with velcro wrist closures, all synthetic. You can poke a hole in them at the wrist if you want to clip a toy carabiner through them, for keeping on your harness loop 🙂

  • Claire

    Unbelievable both in your climbing and your philosophy. I am impressed and inspired to climb more – and to just live freely after finishing grad school (it gave me time to grow and think but, like you, it is not my passion). Thanks for this and I hope your passions continue to take you to great places.

  • Thanks Claire 🙂

  • Jeff

    Thanks for the great video. My wife and I are on the road right now in Moab, we love it here! Is there any word on when a vegan slipper will be out? Looking forward to the next book too. Take care Jeff and Janel

  • 🙂 we are still moving slooowly forward on the slipper project–it’s harder than you’d expect to get a synthetic material that has the good qualities for crack use. the book, is April 2 🙂

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